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Dream  •  Foresight  •  Innovation
//dɪ/'fɔːrs/tər/ /ɛks//

DiForstor X

In DiForstor X, you can strive your best to turn your imagination towards the future life into reality, by operationalising them with our specialism, and we bring them together into reality.


We propose and research for new concept that can change the society like what Elon Musk doing


Like X-MenTM
We believe everyone has their own specialism as well as undiscovered potentials, where we define as “Power X”
We help and inspire people to discover their ability


We used to participate in different social issues and use our ability, power and influence to help each other

Move forward, advance quickly, and push the envelope

Different, have foresight with undefined potential Power X
the meaning of DiForstor X

We need dynamic people who get excited by big questions and unsolved problems.

If you’re ready to build something big, make a real impact, change something or bring something to this world, we need you helping and building communities around the world.

What do you do next?

Discover the change

joining us writing the new chapters of human history together